Bear found mattress and had a relaxation time on it

The bear had a great start to the day. He knows how to relax.
No one knows that bears often walk around the city and become interested in people’s houses.

They want to find something interesting and if they do not find it they leave.
This bear once found a mattress and rested in it. This happened in Canada.

One woman noticed the animal doing so. The woman called Keira Mamakwa was not in a mood that day. She went out to throw the garbage and noticed this.

And that made her happy.
The bear was enjoying his time by relaxing on the mattress.

The woman thought that the bear was looking for food but she soon understood that he was not hungry.
The animal did not even notice the woman. And so the woman managed to take funny photos of it.

The animal was having a great vacation. Seeing Such an amazing moment is not a common thing.

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