Baby lion kisses his mom, a heartwarming moment

Photographing wild animals is not an easy task. Sometimes it takes days to find and capture a perfect moment.

A passionate wild animal photographer managed to capture a touching scene. A tiny lion gives his mom a sweet kiss. This is probably the most gentle kiss ever captured done by wild animals.

The cutie kisses the mom on the nose. This shows how delicate their bond with one another is. The photographer finds herself to be very lucky to be able to see this extremely awesome scene and capture it in a photo.

According to her, she was walking through the Hwange park which is the largest park in Zimbabwe. She wanted to watch a lion family and that’s when she saw the precious moment.

There were no male lions anywhere near so the tiny ones were able to play with their moms. They were able to relish their time peacefully. Particularly, the hero of the story was very enthusiastically jumping and playing around.

Though the photographer has been a wildlife enthusiast and captured many animals in her pictures, she never saw something as touching as this kiss. She is quite lucky to witness such intimacy between wild animals. This truly was once in a lifetime experience.

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