Ancient methods of beauty. It was difficult for fashionistas before!

Like now, many decades ago, girls also wanted to be beautiful. Perhaps the standards of beauty were different, but each had some kind of complex and longed to fix it.

Well, the men did not lag, everyone wanted to be neat and well-groomed.
Some methods, of course, look terrifying, but as they say, beauty requires sacrifice …

Do you want a slim and beautiful waist? Put on a corset. The truth is that it is not so easy to tighten it …
This procedure resembles a connection with space. But in fact, the girl just wanted beautiful curls for herself.

Do you know how you can protect your makeup from rain and snow? Very simple:
This is what the rhinoplasty looked like…

And so men increased their height.
What do you know about masks? This ice pack.

Still not sure how to get rid of cellulite? And they knew before.
And so they made their legs tanned, painted them.

This unit made women have a ruddy complexion. This was due to a decrease in atmospheric pressure, creating the effect of a walk in the mountains.

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