An adorable pink-albino elephant was discovered

In South Africa, a very extraordinary thing happened. An albino baby elephant with pink skin was born. It was effortlessly noticed among many grey elephants that inhabit Africa. The pink elephant first was discovered when a group of elephants came from taking baths.

The old man who saw the baby elephant at first was astonished and was certain that it is super rare and has never been seen before type. In a short period, this pink baby gained everyone’s attention including many photographers and became a hot topic for discussions.

You can clearly see the difference in skin color in the pictures taken.

Experts investigated and concluded that the pink skin was due to the elephant having albinism. The latter is a color disorder that causes a lack of pigmentation on the skin.

Albinism could have also caused the baby elephant to have bad eyesight or be blind. Fortunately, those weren’t the case for this adorable baby.

There could have been more serious consequences of pink skin. It is known that many albino animals are often not welcomed by other animals of their species. Luckily for this tiny elephant, it got a lot of love and support from its herd members.

Take a look at this adorable baby in the following video:

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