An 11-year-old boy saved a girl’s life

This boy saved a girl’s life
The day Azamat visited his grandma in the village.

He was near the river when he noticed that the girl named Milana could not swim properly. So, he jumpers into the river to help the girl.

The girl would drown if my son did not jump in after her, said the hero’s mom named Elsa.
He was not afraid and when he saw the girl he jumped in the water without hesitation.

The boy pulled her to the shore. And after this, the help also arrived. They together pull the girl out of the river.

The girl swallowed lots of water but luckily she was saved, said Elsa.
Azamat is a true hero and a fighter by nature.

The family was proud of her son but the boy did not accept any praise from people. The family of the girl was also thankful to him. Without the boy, the girl could not be saved.

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