Amazing Abilities: The 8 Smartest Cat Breeds

All cats are happy with quick-witted, but the owners often do not even know about the amazing abilities of their pet. Zoopsychologist Nadezhda Simokhina told which breeds are considered the smartest.

Maine Coon
According to the expert, this is a very intelligent breed, but among its representatives there are often too shy animals. This prevents them from fully showing their extraordinary abilities.


European cat
Many owners of these pets are sure that they have an ordinary “yard” cat at home. However, they look like the usual striped cats only externally. In addition, it is an extremely quick-witted and dexterous breed, BelNovosti writes.

Bengal cat
These animals can memorize a large number of commands and are very attached to their owners.

Siamese cat
Well trained but willful pets. Because of their character, they often refuse to demonstrate their mental abilities and may pretend that they are indifferent to everything.

For the attention of their owner, these cats are ready for anything. Very intelligent and easily trainable animals, but can sometimes be overly annoying.

Oriental cat
These animals are attached to only one owner. They are sensitive to the emotions and mood of their household members.

Cornish Rex
Curious and active cats. The desire to always be the center of attention is often the cause of confusion.

Abyssinian cat
Some representatives of the breed have an unbalanced character, but are distinguished by a sharp mind. Cats get along well with children and respond well to training, the expert said.

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