Always smiling dog photos appeared on social media and people could not get enough of it

The dog named Chevy is loved by all neighbors as he was always smiling. The owners of the dog thought that he never had bad days. But the secret was that he knows how to turn every ordinary event into a holiday.

It seemed that he was smiling even when he slept.
His owner enjoys walking and hiking.

Chevy always follows them whatever they do.
You may think that he is not normal as he is always smiling but he is a usual optimist dog.

He just knows how to express his happiness.
His facial expression only changed when he had a long walk or felt hungry.

And at that time the owners immediately understood that he needed care.
But when he gets everything necessary for him he smiles again.

The dog is about 9 years old.
But because of his smile people sometimes consider him a puppy.

But by people’s standards, he is about 60 years old.
Moreover, he is full of energy and power.

All people admire him.
He will also bring a smile to your face when you see his photos.

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