All this pitbull wants is to be a good parent for these kittens

The family from Southern California adopted this pitbull years ago. His name is Ozi and before that he lived in a shelter. Before the adoption, he was rescued and lived in a shelter for a few years. Ozi had a very tough life and had no one to take care of him.

According to the owners, the dog has an increased feeling of obligation and empathy. As a dog, Ozi not only wants to protect and serve his owners but also babysit.

The issue is that he was taken by an ordinary family. They had three kids and didn’t have plans for future ones. The tiniest one who was five years old didn’t need a 24/7 babysitter and preferred tablet games over spending time with the dog.

The family also had an old cat, but the latter one preferred sleeping and eating, over playing with Ozi. He would have enjoyed playing with the kids in the neighborhood but not many parents would agree to that.

Even the owner joked, that if someone breaks into their house the dog might bring them slippers and a cup of hot tea. That’s how much the dog was in sorrow from the lack of applying love and caringness.

Ozi indeed had a surge to have someone to take care of. Suddenly, his wish came true. A stray cat that lived in the neighborhood gave birth to 5 small kittens. The event made Ozi the happiest.

The cat mom was more than happy to leave parental responsibilities as now she was a welcomed guest in the dog’s house.

According to the owners, Ozi takes good care of the kittens and spends all his day with the tiny ones. One of them likes the dog so much that Ozi seems like wants to keep him forever!

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