Alain Delon saved the dog from burning

The dog called Mambo could have lost his life as he was cruelly treated by 2 young men.
Now they are put on trial.

There are many groups on Facebook dedicated to Mambo and his story.
Many people asked to punish this serious act.

Dany and Rene took the dog from the shelter.
It was hard for him to recover from these injuries.

When the story became popular many people wanted to help him and Alain Delon was among them.

People are surprised by his actions.
He wanted to see the dog and his wish came true on his birthday.

Alain Delon participated in rescuing the dog.
He had trusted doctors who could help him.

Thanks to this kind act the poor creature was saved.
About thousands of euros were collected to save the animal.

Alain Delon later confessed his love for animals.
He also built an animal cemetery. And many animals are saved there.
Sadly, after some time the poor dog dies at the age of 16.

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