After the abandoned cat found new owners it became popular on Instagram

It’s always emotional to discover new stories about abandoned animals finding a warm home, but this story is exceptional in its own way.

But due to the creativity and effort of his new owners, this cat called Benson became an internet influencer.

Before his life was turned by 180 degrees, Benson was a street habitant. He was living in Dubai. His previous owners most probably moved out from Dubai, thus leaving him behind.

Luckily, he found a home and got love from his new owners. A family from the United States saw the cat when traveling in Dubai and made a decision to take him with them back to the States.

Surprisingly, his adventures did not finish just there. The family who adopted him started buying fashionable clothes for him. Later they posted images of Benson in different outfits on Instagram. The cute cat started gaining attraction from the people on social media almost immediately.

The owners later told that it all started with pairs of glasses. Benson liked wearing those. He never complained. Later they decided to buy and sew him different costumes to which he also reacted in a calm way.

It also turns out that the only thing the cat doesn’t like is wearing shoes. Besides shoes, Benson feels excellent in different outfits. He always poses patiently while the owners take photos of him.

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