After saving a squirrel the man wanted to take her back but it refused and returned to him

There are so many homeless cats and dogs on the street.
Solomon Mereli once found a squirrel in the forest.

He looked after the baby and then wanted to release it into the wild.
But it turned out that the squirrel liked civilization more.

So, she did not want to stay in the forest and came back to him.
Solomon found the animal near his house.

Most probably the poor animal met a cat and now she needs help. So, the man nursed her.
But the man did not have any intention to keep her forever and such animals should live in the forests.

When the animal had fully recovered the man took her to the wild. The squirrel sat for a while and then came back to the man.

So, she refused to leave the man.
So, he took her back home and they lived forever together.

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