After being chained since birth, this magnificent and charming Husky gets his first taste of freedom.

This 2-year-old magnificent husky now enjoys the first pleasures of complete independence and freedom after cruelly having to spend his remaining years of life in shackles.

Once the bunch of generous rescuers had saved the dog as well as the other animals in a similar situation, they had never imagined what it was like to run freely in a field.

Thank God, the amazing creatures were given the opportunity to reign their time and roam anywhere they pleased, and the heartwarming scene was documented on film.

Sadly, this magnificent Siberian Husky had endured many difficult and unpleasant circumstances throughout his wretched life. He was continually enslaved, unable to have even a modest shelter over his head.

However, everything changed for the better thanks to a volunteer who discovered the sad animal tied in the snow by mistake. She immediately saw the gravity of the situation and moved closer to them.

Later, the rescue team revealed that the brave volunteer had observed the very husky with his peers when visiting Kentucky. On that particular day, she even managed to save one of them. The woman contacted the owner and pleaded with him to let the dogs go.

The process of releasing all of the dogs, along with the husky, and transporting them to the rehabilitation center took a long time. This husky’s reaction to running in the field quietly for the first day was priceless.

The remarkable rescue took about two months and involved several dedicated rescuers traveling over 5000 miles. You can see the poignant moment in the video below!

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