After being buried alive the dog managed to survive and started a new life

The German shepherd who had an injection was buried alive and managed to stay alive.
The cruel owner injected the poor animal with a deadly drug. And they buried the animal but he was still breathing.

He somehow managed to walk to the road. Here, the poor animal was noticed by the driver named Olga. Olga was an animal lover and could not stay indifferent.

The dog was exhausted and lay on the road. Olga fed the animal and took her to the rehabilitation center. It was far away from the place where the animal was found.

Volunteers managed to find the owners and talk with them with the help of social media.
It turned out that the owners considered the dog was sick and that was the reason why they acted that way.

So, they injected the pet and wanted to kill her.
Fortunately, the doctors could not find any serious wounds.

The owners wanted to get rid of her but she managed to survive and found a loving family that she deserved.

The family will give her everything that she needs.
The dog is now feeling well and let’s hope that she will live in happiness for the rest of her life.

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