After a year the dog rejoined with the soldier who saved her life

This period was special for Nick Pierzchalski who was serving in Iraq for almost a year.
The black hawk was professional in his service.

But also he was an animal lover and could not stay indifferent to all helpless dogs.
Nick wanted to adopt a little puppy. He understood how much love needs the little creature.

The man was very careful of the pup. They fed the dog with their food. And they named it regarding their food called Airys.

Airys were important for this family. And she made the soldiers feel better.
Nick knew that he should officially adopt her.

But it was hard to take it to the US.
But after one year his dream came true. The dog was finally rejoined with her lovely owner.

Nick was grateful to everyone who helped him to do this. He did not imagine that this would happen.
Now they are inseparable and nothing can part them away.

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