After a long separation the cat was found and remembered its owners

The cat named Jimmy was missing in 2015. The cat likes sleeping in his family’ car. And when the family went to another state they lost him.

After 2 years the volunteers found the animal wandering in the streets and brought him to a shelter.
And one of the shelter workers posted a photo of the cat on social media.

And some days later one woman responded to it. Susan said that the photo resembles her Jimmy who was lost 2 years ago.

So, the family arranged a meeting with the cat and went to see him.
The staff also brought the animals old toys to show them.

And they thought that the cat would remember them.
And when the cat saw them, he started to bite the woman.

He used to do so. And when he made a sound Susan recognized him.
The family was very happy and they could not even hold their tears.

So, they took him home. After a long separation the family was reunited again. They all were happy about this.

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