After 9 years the couple finally opened their grandma’s wedding gift which save their marriage

Usually, Newlyweds open their gifts right immediately after the ceremony but this couple did otherwise.
This couple kept the gift from their grandma for 9 years. And this miraculously saved their marriage.

They did not open it for a reason and the reason was the note written on the gift. That’s the following: ‘Open it after the first disagreement’.
And this supported the couple. So, they did not open the box for 9 years.

After 9 years the couple opened it.
Brendon even left the house and let Kathy have time to rest.

During this time the wife opened the gift.
There were 2 signed envelopes, one for Brandon and one for Kathy.

Also, a small amount of money inside it.
Kathy, buy food with this money and calm down and wait until your husband will return.

Brandon, spend the money on buying a little gift and also flowers.
This seemed simple but it helped the couple.

Sometimes, you need to see the world differently.
The couple was happy, they felt the value of the gift that the grandma gave them.

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