After 30 years the family found their lost turtle while cleaning the house

Many years ago, the family was saddened as they could not find their tortoise.
When their house was under renovation she got lost.

Not far from the house there was a forest and the family thought that she was there.
And her disappearance remained a mystery for this year.

But now they were surprised.
When the father died, the children cleaned the house and stored many objects and equipment.

And inside one of the boxes they found the tortoise.
The neighbor noticed it inside the box and took it to the family.

The family could not believe in their eyes.
No one knows how the tortoise survived.

She was lost many years ago and now she was found.
The professors explained the situation by their adaptation skills.

The animal survived thanks to the abundance that was in the old furniture.
Manuela was also happy to be reunited with the family.

Amazing story.

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