After 2 hours of sheltering the puppy, the girl understood that something was wrong with him and it turned out that the baby was ill

The girl fought for her puppy’s life till the end.
After losing her lovely dog Kuzya, the girl did not want to adopt a pet for a long time. But this dog came into her life in an unexpected way.

One day Zhenya saw an advertisement on social media. After seeing the animal she understood that she is ready to adopt another dog.
So, she took a cute baby named Dusty. Dogs were looking healthy.

But the dog was sleeping too much and that was connected to stress. But after 2 hours it became obvious that something was wrong with the animal.
The girl was afraid and hurried to take it to the hospital.

She was scared of losing another pet so decided to fight for her life till the end.
She gave the dog the medications prescribed by the doctor. The girl did not leave the animal alone even for a minute.

She did her best to save the animal.
Dusty’s sister was also ill but doctors did not manage to save her life. But Zhenya did everything to save Dusty.

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