A woman who never forgets anything, a unique ability or a curse?

How much it would help us to be able to remember nothing at school or university – it would become much easier to study! But how does one live, for those who really cannot forget anything?

Jill Price, who lives in Los Angeles, remembers everything that happened to her in the last 28 years, to the smallest detail.
Jill herself calls this ability a curse. If you ask Jill what happened that day, she can tell her whole day: what time she woke up, whom she saw, what she did, and even what she ate. Memories can even come back to Jill through songs or smells.

Now Jill is 42 years old and since the age of 11, she remembers every day.
Jill Price was the first to be diagnosed with hyperaccurate autobiographical memory syndrome.

Scientists from California decided to call this feature hyperemesis syndrome.
Just recently, scientists discovered 5 more people with the same abilities as Jill, and another 50 people are being examined to confirm the diagnosis.

Scientists have proven that all five people have a brain shape that is different in shape from the brain of ordinary people.
More recently, Jill Price wrote a book called The Woman Who Doesn’t Forget.

Jill believes that it is the super ability of her brain to remember everything that is to blame for the fact that a woman has been suffering from depression for many years, but Jill would not want to give up such an ability at all.
Rebecca Sherrock has the same super-memory syndrome as Jill and she would gladly refuse it, as she believes that her brain is littered with useless facts that constantly keep her on her toes.

Also, Kim Peak has this ability. Scientists believe that Kim’s memory is the most developed. Kim Peek remembers 98 percent of everything he lamented. In memory, Kim has all the maps of major cities in America, phone numbers, and even postal codes.

At 53, Kim Peak read seven thousand books by heart. Moreover, all these books are written on scientific topics.
In Wisconsin, in the small town of Lacrosse, Brad Williams lives and has the same superpower. Brad works in the information service of a local radio station. Work brings emu sheer pleasure, as he remembers everything that happened in the world on certain dates.

Brad would never have thought he was unique if two years ago his brother hadn’t read in a scientific journal about other people with hyperthymesic syndrome and shown this article to Brad.

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