A special bond between a human and a lioness will leave you wordless

This amazing lioness was just a couple of days old when was rescued. Surprisingly, the one man who rescued her was also there to stay with her for her whole life. Now, after 10 years, the friends get cuddly with each other and appreciate their time together.

This is one more proof that animals stay showing gratefulness and appreciation towards those who saved them or who keep warm and feed them daily.

The owner and savior of the lioness shared with the world an amazing video. In it, the lioness comes lovingly towards the man, once she sees him in the morning. Her attitude is unbelievably loving and caring.

The owner reveals that the animal loved long and warm hugs. Apparently, sometimes it even rubs her head as a kitten would. Surprisingly, the animal never even once showed any aggression towards him. Seems like she truly knows he is the one who saved her life.

The story behind her is a heartbreaking one. The baby was left by her mother right after being born. She was left with no protection. Luckily, she was saved by a kind man.

Originally, the man took her first to professionals who care for wild animals. But they got closer and formed a trustful relationship with one another.

The owner also said that the lioness is a smart and soft-hearted friend for him.

Take a look at the incredible interaction between the lioness and him:

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