A random person who comes to see her every day adores this adorable kitty with only one eye

The flaws on this cute kitten don’t stop this guy from genuinely loving the innocent pet.

Ice has been a lovely and admirable cat, despite having to endure many difficult and heartbreaking events as a feral cat for many years.

Her plight worsened when she lost one eye due to a nasty illness just several days after she was fortunately saved, despite the fact that she had always been a sweet and lovely person.

However, an issue arose: because she didn’t look like other cats, nobody else ever expressed an interest in playing or interacting with the helpless and poor kitten.

Because of her appearance, she could have appeared menacing or suspicious, according to the owner, and she was frequently overlooked and neglected. The owner installed a CCTV in front of her house to ensure that the cat was always secure and that no one would harm her.

And what it captured one day was both moving and incredible. A curious boy became enamored with the unusual cat and refused to go a day without visiting and playing with her.

The woman stated that it left her dumbfounded since she believed nobody would ever admire the unique creature. Every day, the boy approaches the cat and is captured on camera, which he is completely unaware of. The warm bond they have was unparalleled in this world. in the video below the devoted pals can be seen loving their time together!

The woman is overjoyed that her cat is no longer alone and has found someone who will unconditionally love her. She says that it does not only look that matters but also character and temperament and that animals with such disorders should not be overlooked or harassed.

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