A puppy who was left alone by his owner learned to trust again

Once, the volunteer Marcela Goldberg got a message about the abandoned dog and hurried to see the animal.
The man was shocked by the news. But maybe this was because of coronavirus infection, as during this period many animals were left alone.

Here, the man saw a desperate situation.
The dog was in the place where the owner tied him and was sitting and waiting for something.

Many people were gathered around the dog.
But they could not get closer to him as he was scared of everyone.

But these people wanted to help him.
Marcela found a note next to the dog. The owner asked to look after Max.

The man had to abandon the pet as the family treated him wrong. It was hard for him to part with him.
The man thought that kind person would find and take care of him.

Max was aggressive when Marcela wanted to approach him. He was not interred even in food.
It was hard to catch him.

But then Marcela managed to cut the ties and the puppy was now free. But still, he was scared.
After some time he calmed down.

He was named Boston and after some time he started to trust people.

Marcela says that he was a very joyful and friendly creature.
A difficult life made him change his character but let’s hope that soon he will be adopted by a kind and caring family.

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