A Pet rabbit called Cocoa Puff became popular due to its size

Internet users liked the rabbit they saw. Its size reached about human height.
This pet is living in Seattle.

Now, the rabbit called Cocoa Puff became famous on social media and had about 310000 followers. Such an amazing result.

‘We decided to adopt a rabbit instead of a dog to keep in the house,” said the owners.
Our daughter also loved animals so much. And we saw how the rabbit befriended our children.

The rabbit immediately became used to the environment and the owners.
He found a common language with all members of their family.

But it took about 7 months to teach animal discipline.
Many people do not think so but they are quite smart creatures.

The family sometimes goes for a walk with their rabbit to get some air.
They are also lucky as the rabbit did not chew on wires. As many animals die because of electric shock and cords. But fortunately, they do not have such problems.

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