A month later the lost dog was finally found

Cindy and John Billsberger’s lovely dog ran away from home. His name was Bruno. The family looked for him for a month and they started to think the worst.

Once, John saw a street dog who showed a strange interest in one place.
When he came closer to the spot he found a 3m hole.

Bruno was lying there. He was in an awful condition. His body was almost covered with wounds. John was shocked but he did not have time to lose. So, he should act quickly.

John called his son. The boy arrived and they tied a rope. The man jumped into the hole and took the dog.

They took the wounded dog to the nearby clinic. So, doctors started to treat the poor animal.
Dehydration was diagnosed in Bruno.


But the doctors found that Bruno was lucky enough as there was some water in the well and he survived due to it.

Let’s hope that soon Bruni will become healthy and the family can take him home.

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