A hungry homeless kitten visited the zoo and now is a friends with a lynx

Can domestic and wild animals able to be friends with one another?

Yes, according to experience. Furthermore, if they are both members of the same species, finding a common language will not be difficult. Once upon a time, a street cat from the city of St. Petersburg went on a food hunt on the streets. That day, she got really lucky. She had discovered not just something to eat, but also an amazing companion.

Not only did the cat locate several leftovers in the trash cans, but he also found some food. Huge bits of meat carcass was discovered by the cat. All of this deliciousness was discovered in a zoo, in the cage of another feline – the lynx. If the meat’s owner noticed how an unauthorized visitor was dining on her meal, she seemed to tear it to shreds.

But then there was a miracle: the large cat did not attack the tiny one. Either she felt an affinity with the stray cat, or she realized she was starving since no one brought her food. The cat has become a regular visitor to her pal.

She eats lunch, supper, and breakfast with her. Furthermore, because the aviary is warmer than the outside, the cat is warming up. It was also leaning on the lynx.

The poor kitten licks her hair in exchange for this. The personnel at the zoo also took note of the cat. To ensure that the true owner of the meat did not go hungry, they upped her daily ration.

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