A gifted photographer saw and took a picture of the rare sight of ten huge whales lying vertically

Many people questioned whether or not sperm whales even sleep. And if they do, how would they do it. The research was done in order to find the truth, despite the fact that the question was a simple one. Yet no one before 2008 got any answer.

Now, Franco Banfi, who is a very talented photographer, has managed to capture the sleeping giants in all their glory.

See the following mesmerizing photos:

For the first time, wildlife lovers and scientists were able to see sleeping whales.

Then, in 2008, it happened by chance when a few researchers from Japan and the United Kingdom heard about the whales sleeping vertically. That’s why they collectively decided to conduct studies in the area.

The researchers were able to determine that sperm whales spend roughly 7% of their lives sleeping after further investigation. These colossi nap for 6 to 24 minutes at a time. Diver Sabrina Belloni was cast as a diver model for a photoshoot among sleeping whales. The photos turned out to be very amazing and breathtaking ones:

When compared to normal people’s size, these marine monsters appear far more dangerous and gigantic. Sperm whales, despite their clumsiness, are the exemplar of balance and elegance in their natural habitat.

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