A courageous dog hurried to rescue a drowning cat

In all likelihood, all of the stories that we hear about the dogs are just proof that dogs are probably the most kindhearted and devoted animals living on Earth. More and more evidence shows how selfless is they are by nature.

Dogs always seem to be enthusiastic to get themselves into trouble or in some cases maybe even risk their lives to save others.

The following story is also about a very kindhearted and brave dog. It saved a tiny cat that was drowning in the water. This heartwarming story is one more reminder that dogs are the real heroes of our times.

The people who witnessed have no idea how the poor kitten got into trouble. Luckily, the dog did not waste any time to help it out. Now thanks to the dog, the tiny kitten has nothing to be afraid of.

As luck would have it, some of the people who witnessed it all successfully shot the video on camera as well.

This was surely not the only time a dog saved another creature’s life. However, it is indeed a wholesome one. These moments are always wonderful and fantastic ones and can warm anyone’s heart.

Here is the video of the brave dog taken by the strangers near the lake:

In some sense, the following story is quite ironic. Nowadays many people believe in a misconception that cats and dogs can not be friends. Some even say that these animals simply cannot feel good in other one’s presence. Hopefully, stories like this will change this stereotype.

However, there are numerous cases like this. Showing their caring nature and love. Also, pointing out how well they get along with one another.

While at it, check out the following heart-warming video of another dog saving a poor cat from water as well:

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