A charming puppy was born in a Canadian family

The birth of puppies with blue and green coats is so rare. What are the reasons for such change? And how did it turn to their health?

A replenishment happened in this family. Their pet gave birth to 7 babies. The six were ordinary ones but the last one was so special. It was named Fiona and attracted everyone’s attention.

They cleaned the animal but it remained the same color. They worried if something was wrong.
They took the animal to the doctors and examinations showed that it was healthy.

Fiola also had many bright areas in his color.
This was a rare thing and the family was happy to witness this.

‘We are lucky to see this, we always heard such stories and wanted to see them but never could. I could not believe that this would happen with our pet. This was amazing’ said Trevor.

This color gradually changed over time. And now his color is rather lime green. Anyway, this puppy remained the most special one. The owners are careful with all of them.

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