A blind dog was rescued and protected by an animal control officer

Peter Steeves is a control officer at a rescue center. He also loves dogs a lot and enjoys assisting them in times of need. As a result, when he tried to save the dog who had an eyesight problem, he considered harboring and loving him.

This all transpired during his county’s eviction notice. And it was there that he encountered the blind blue heeler and discovered that no one had ever looked after him. The dog appeared anorexic and deserted, according to Steeves.

“He’s a senior citizen who is blind and has health issues.”

The evicted man told Steeve that he didn’t want to retain the dog any longer.

He considered taking the puppy to the shelter at first and even took it there. After a while, Steeve got a call from the rescue center and was told that it was overcrowded and that there was no room for the dog.

Steeves must go get the dog; else, as we all know, the dog will be put down. Steve chose to take the dog home with him, so he sent his wife a photo of the puppy.
“As soon as I saw the photo, I told my husband to take it home because he and I both love dogs,” Tricia Steeves said.

Even though they already have multiple dogs, there would be room for a fourth. Tricia was immediately smitten by the dog’s large ears when she first met him.
Tricia explained, “I named him Spoke because of his ears.”

This isn’t the first time a bad-luck case has produced a pet. Their third pet arrived in a similar manner.

“He’s a lovable monster,” Tricia added.

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