A baby kangaroo and the mother are reunited at the shelter

In Australia, something magical happened. A baby kangaroo and the mother luckily got into the same shelter and refound one another.

At first, the baby was brought to a special care center cause she got her tail injured. But later she ended up meeting its mom. The following pictures were taken by volunteers at the center:

For the kangaroo mom, the shelter was once her home. She herself got rescued there years ago and was released when she was alright. Now she is here with her baby.

Volunteers who worked at the center were more than happy to help her baby and did the most to make sure the tiny kangaroo will recover fast.

In the photos, volunteers managed to capture the warm and lovely interaction between the mom and baby.

The tiny kangaroo had her tail all in bandages. Once she got out of the blanket she quickly wanted to get back into the mom’s pouch. That moment was really wonderful and precious!

For the workers to be sure both of them are completely alright, they should stay at the shelter for a bit longer. Then they will be able to return to their natural habitat.

According to one of the volunteers, the mother kangaroo was truly cooperating with them with full trust. She did not stop hoping that her baby will be healed and saved there.

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