A 67-year-old woman turned to stylists for a beautiful hairstyle

As a rule, with age, hair becomes thinner, duller, and more painful than it once was in youth.
And this is normal, sooner or later everyone faces this process.

Of course, in those women whose hair was thin before, many complexes and constraints appear in this period. This leads to the fact that they close in on themselves, stop caring for their appearance and, accordingly, their self-esteem is greatly reduced.

The woman believes that the time of her beauty and attractiveness has been exhausted, which means that there is simply no point in taking care of herself further. And some are simply afraid to touch their weakened curls so as not to harm them even more.

So, today’s heroine from the city of Des Moines, Iowa, USA, for a long time could not believe that her hair was very thin, brittle, and dull. 67-year-old Vicki Cruz a long time did not even dare to turn to a specialist to solve her problem.

Now the woman is retired, but at her age, she does not look so bad. She does not have many wrinkles, and there is practically no gray hair, but all this requires good care.

Vika’s hair is too thin and lifeless. In some areas, you could even see the scalp. Of course, few people will like it, and in this case, the woman already had many complexes. For 4 years she has been wearing wigs to hide it all.

She did not believe that something could be done in her case. But the master reassured the woman and asked her to trust him. And when it sounded: “Done! You can watch it! How are you? Vicky couldn’t believe what she was seeing! She has changed a lot!

The master did the right styling, and did not “sleek” the hair, as his client did. A little bouffant made the hairstyle voluminous and natural. By the way, the hairdresser taught Vicki how to do her hair, we hope she will do it well!

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