78-year-old Michael Douglas radically changed his image

Not everyone liked the new image of Douglas.
Two-time Oscar-winning American actor Michael Douglas has grown his hair to include red streaks instead of the standard gray.

This is how he was seen at lunch with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones in the Esplanade cafe in Paris.

Previously, his hair was neatly styled, his gray hair combed back, but now it has grown to his shoulders and has become a different color.

Michael is wearing a white shirt, gray V-neck jumper, cream pants, and gray sneakers. Sheer-framed sunglasses completed the look.

His wife completed the look with a black jacket, silk scarf, tweed cap, square sunglasses, elegant earrings, and a black leather bag.

Previously, Michael surprised his fans by changing his image. He showed off his new look on Instagram by posting a photo from Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background. His red hair is covered with a cap.

The opinions of the fans were divided. While some are enthusiastic about his experiments, others are convinced that the haircut makes the already elderly Michael look even older: “I’m sorry Michael, but your hair makes you look older, not to mention wrinkles.

Go dye your hair gray and cut your hair”, “Men, pull yourself together”, “The actor had beautiful hair for his age, and it looked naturally silver – red hair does not make you younger!”, “You look cool with gray hair.

I hope that the dyed hair was for a movie, television, or a new role”, “Not really …”, “I like your natural color”, “But I like it.”
Michael himself did not comment on his changes.

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