15 Dirty Cats Who Really “Love” Their Owners

Our loved ones, our soft and fluffy friends … No matter how we warm our cats, feed them and pamper us, this will not save us from their pranks. They always act consciously and subtly creating problems for their owners to please themselves. Real cattle, you can’t say otherwise.

These photos will prove that they understand exactly what they are doing and why.
Well, then you can say … It was necessary to immediately eat a sandwich, and not put it off for later.



You won’t go anywhere!


This is the only way to eat so that nothing is stolen from your plate.

This muzzle pressed the lock button in the car and closed from the inside.


Don’t eat my sausage!

And what is it called?


Master of Disguise

Look for – look for your puzzle …


Online study and everything, then the cat thinks about it

Dirty thief


And the look of the winner

No diet!

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