The seven-year old boy raised money to help feed the animal at the shelter

Once, Mary Correia talked to her grandson about food drives. The boy became interested in such things. And then a great idea came to his mind.

So, he decided to denote all the money to the dogs.
The grandmother suggested gathering food for the animals. And the son agreed with her.

He has never been a fan of animals but when their dog died he became sensitive to pets.
So, the family decided to help needy animals.

The family also waited for donations. But they could not wait too long.
Many people gathered and participated in their actions.

Finally, they raised about $2,000.
Also, they collected food, hygiene products, and many other necessary stuff.

The end had a nice ending with the donation from Connecticut Beach Cruiser who gave a truckload of animal supplies.
So, thanks to this amazing boy many needy animals got help.

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